Why is my white gold turning yellow?

White gold jewelry is extremely popular, but what people do not realize is that there is no such thing as “white gold.” All metals exist in nature as various shades of gray with the exception of gold and copper. White gold is an alloy containing gold along with other white metals. Since gold is the main metal in the alloy it will always appear “yellowish.”

To make the white gold jewelry appear white it is almost always rhodium plated. Rhodium, is a very white, reflective, extremely hard and virtually tarnish proof metal. It is noticeable when the plating begins to wear thin because the alloy underneath is yellowish. The plating will probably wear off within six months to five years of wearing the piece of jewelry.

This depends upon how often and in what manner the piece is worn. All white gold jewelry will require maintenance at one time or another to keep it looking brand new.

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