Why Choose a Custom Designed Engagement Ring?

So your friends are all getting engaged and they all have similar rings. You have also been talking with your special someone about taking the next step in your relationship, however, you want something that is unique and special. Something rare and one of a kind, a ring you are not going to see every lady wearing walking down the street. A ring you can proudly say you helped design. A family heirloom you can pass down through the generations.

Well, I have got a solution for you, CUSTOM! Why custom you say? Custom allows you to bring your dream and visions of your perfect engagement ring to life. You can take aspects from different designs you’ve been looking at and put them together to make your perfect ring. In collaboration with our award winning jewelry designer, Belinda Vartenuk, your dream ring will come to fruition.

The custom design process is a fun process! It gives you the freedom to design whatever your heart desires. It allows you to have every bit of say in how the piece looks. You are a part of the process from start to finish. You choose the metal, the design, the stones and their quality. It’s an experience that you will remember forever. Your ring is a story in itself, a story nobody else can tell.

Please stop into Abshire & Haylan Jewelers and let us help you design the one of a kind engagement ring of your dreams.