What is the process for custom designed jewelry?


For those of you who simply want something nobody else has, welcome to the world of custom designed jewelry! Let us take you through the process…

Our first step would be a collaboration on your idea for your one of a kind piece of jewelry. We would have an initial consultation, discussing the ideas and getting inspiration. After the initial meeting, our award winning custom designer and jeweler, Belinda Vartenuk will prepare a selection of hand drawn colored renderings of potential design ideas. These drawings will be presented to you and upon selection from the drawings, an estimate is prepared, and a deposit is taken to start the project.

Once the design is approved, and a deposit is taken, our skilled Computer Animated Design (CAD) specialist, Natalie Knepp, will transfer your design into a three dimensional computer rendering. She will bring your design to life in 3D so you can see every aspect of the piece. At this point you can still make alterations to the design.

Once you approve the CAD rendering, it is then used to create a three dimensional resin or wax model that is printed on a 3-D printer. This is presented to you for approval. You can try it on and see what your custom design will look like to scale. You can still make changes to the design at this point.

After you approve the wax model, we send the design off to be made into metal. The wax model is put into a mold, and using the process of lost wax casting, metal is poured into the cavity thus creating the casting. It takes a team of skilled artisans to take this rough casting and clean it up, assemble any pieces, set stones if needed, and polish it to a magnificent shine. Once the piece has gone through a final inspection, delivery is made to you!Creating personalized and unique “works of jewelry art” does take a little extra time. But the result is a treasured heirloom that is uniquely yours. Please allow 4-8 weeks for design and manufacture.

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