Should I choose white gold or platinum?

This is a simple decision once you understand the characteristics of each metal and how they fit into your lifestyle.

White gold is a more common choice and has many good attributes.  Compared to platinum it is less expensive and does not cost as much to repair, size and polish. You may also desire bi-annual rhodium plating to help keep your pieces a bright white color. This can be tied in with your bi-annual cleaning and inspections.

Platinum is less common but offers amazing benefits. It costs a bit more to maintain, but needs repair less frequently. It lasts about three times longer than white gold. Its bright white natural color is unmatched and needs no special plating to hold its shine.  Also when it comes to secure diamond settings it is a very wise choice.  The only major drawback is that polishing is time consuming and will typically be charged for.

Whichever option you choose, the experts at Abshire and Haylan Jewelers are eager to help you make the perfect choice.