Misplacing Jewelry

Everyone has a special place to store his or her jewelry; maybe in a drawer or a jewelry box. Wherever it is kept, jewelry can be misplaced or forgotten. In fact, a poll in 2012 of 600 women showed that 43% have lost a ring before.  Below are cautionary stories of people losing their valuables.

A couple in Australia tried to take precautions against theft by storing their jewelry in three black trash bags. It worked well- until they moved. The couple, while sorting through belongings to pack, threw away the bags containing the jewelry. When they realized the mistake, they began making phone calls to track it down. Unfortunately, it was estimated that their jewelry was already close to seven feet below ground.

Professionals make mistakes too. Employees at a New York jewelry store were assisting in the move to a different floor. When they came across three old wooden boxes, the employees sent them to the trash- without checking the contents. The jeweler soon noticed his boxes (and the diamonds worth $5 million) were missing. Law enforcement has recovered over $3 million and is trying to locate the remaining diamonds.

Being misplaced does not mean the jewelry cannot be recovered. An engaged couple was playing football in Lake Erie, New York, when the one-carat diamond ring slipped off into the sand. The couple and thirty others searched for three days for the ring. It wasn’t until an underwater metal detector was used that the engagement ring was found, under four feet of water and five inches of sand.

Jewelry can be lost in the most unexpected ways. A woman wearing diamond earrings got too close to her pet chicken one day, who plucked the diamond out of her earring. For two weeks she hoped to find the diamond before giving up. Shortly after, her chicken fell ill and the diamond was suspect. Although the chicken eventually passed, she was finally able to recover her missing diamond.

There are several recommendations jewelers and insurance agencies make to keep your valuables safe. First, get an up to date appraisal for the most accurate replacement and check with your insurance to make sure that your jewelry is covered. Second, remove your jewelry when playing sports or doing yard work to avoid wear. Lastly, have your jewelry inspected regularly by your jeweler. This will help you avoid loosing stones and give your jewelry a nice cleaning.