Is wearing Opal bad luck if it is not your Birthstone?

In hopes to dispel a popular myth, so everyone can all relax and enjoy wearing opal without fear, I discovered this version of why opals are often considered bad luck. Here goes…

In Sir Walter Scott’s 1829 bestselling novel “Anne of Geierstein”, a strange plot twist effectively destroyed the European opal market for nearly 50 years. According to the story, a character was falsely accused of being a demoness and died shortly after a drop of holy water fell on her opal and quenched its mysterious, fiery color. Suggestible readers became convinced that Scott was warning them that wearing opal could bring bad luck, and ceased buying the gem. Within a matter of months the opal marked crashed, and prices were down more than 50%. Thankfully, a remarkable find of black opal at Lightning Ridge, Australia, in 1877, helped restore the opal market back to its former glory.

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