How Are Pearls Cultured?

Pearls are one of the nature’s most lovely and prized creations, and for many years not affordable for all but the most wealthy.  Until the last century, the only pearls available were ones that naturally occurred in mollusks as a defense mechanism from debris that implanted itself inside its shell. Now, with the advent of the pearl culturing process, we can all enjoy the rich luster and beauty only pearls have.

Instead of waiting on nature, a bead (called a nucleus) is implanted inside a mollusk’s flesh.  Layer upon layer of nacre (NAY-ker) is produced over the nucleus to form the layers of the pearl.  Mollusks are then put into cages and lowered back into the water to grow.  Success is never guaranteed, foes such as tidal waves, predators like eel and starfish and changes in water temperature can all disrupt this delicate process.

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