What color is June’s birthstone? Sometimes it looks green, sometimes red, why?

June’s illustrious birthstone is none other than the lovely Alexandrite!  This color changing beauty was discovered in 1830 in Russia, on Czar Alexander II’s birthday. That, along with the red and green colors of its motherland, gives Alexandrite its name. Aside from being highly sought after by collectors, its amazing color change properties make it[…]

Is wearing Opal bad luck if it is not your Birthstone?

In hopes to dispel a popular myth, so everyone can all relax and enjoy wearing opal without fear, I discovered this version of why opals are often considered bad luck. Here goes… In Sir Walter Scott’s 1829 bestselling novel “Anne of Geierstein”, a strange plot twist effectively destroyed the European opal market for nearly 50 years. According to the[…]

Why do you need to have your jewelry appraised?

An appraisal is a document that describes an item, assesses its relative quality, and assigns a value to it. Descriptions usually cover the visible, measurable, and analyzable facts (weight, materials, markings) of the item. Most appraisals also describe subjective features such as gemstone quality, relative rarity, and overall quality of manufacture. The majority of jewelry[…]

What is an “Ideal Cut” diamond?

In short, a diamond’s beauty  is essentially unlocked by proper and proportional cutting and faceting.  Maximum brilliance is obtained when a diamond is cut to scientific proportions, which allows it the highest amount of light return possible.  Thus giving it the lovely scintillation and sparkle we’ve come to expect from this most exquisite gemstone. Third[…]

What is the World’s Oldest Metalworking Profession?

In addition to a Blacksmith and Silversmith, my profession… Goldsmith (a.k.a Jeweler), is one of the oldest known metal trades.  For many centuries metal, often combined with gemstones, has been the customary materials for adornment.  But other materials such as plants, animals, and hair have been used as well.  Jewelry is one of the oldest[…]