Misplacing Jewelry

Everyone has a special place to store his or her jewelry; maybe in a drawer or a jewelry box. Wherever it is kept, jewelry can be misplaced or forgotten. In fact, a poll in 2012 of 600 women showed that 43% have lost a ring before.  Below are cautionary stories of people losing their valuables.[…]


Thank You!

Every single customer that walks through our front door is valued and appreciated.  Without you, our very lifeblood, we would not exist.  In addition, you make it possible for me to do what I love most (jewelry creation and design) as my life’s work.  A privilege that is never forgotten.  As a young lady, the[…]

What is the World’s Oldest Metalworking Profession?

In addition to a Blacksmith and Silversmith, my profession… Goldsmith (a.k.a Jeweler), is one of the oldest known metal trades.  For many centuries metal, often combined with gemstones, has been the customary materials for adornment.  But other materials such as plants, animals, and hair have been used as well.  Jewelry is one of the oldest[…]

How To Get Engaged

So you and your girlfriend have talked about getting married, and you’ve decided you’re getting ready to propose. Yay! Congratulations! Before you get too overwhelmed about all there is to know about getting an engagement ring, read these steps to put your mind at ease. Step 1: Deciding when to propose A popular option this time of[…]