Abshire and Haylan Wish Card Program

Christmas is just around the corner so, it’s time to stop into Abshire and Haylan Jewelers to buy that perfect gift for your loved one. Not sure what to buy them? No need to worry. We can help you to find that perfect piece for your significant other. 

Here at Abshire and Haylan Jewelers, we can help your loved one create a Wish List! The process is simple and painless. You can come into the store together and have your loved one browse our wide selection of jewelry. They can pick which pieces they love the most and add them to their Wish List. We have Wish List cards that we will write down the items your significant other loves. Then, when you are ready, you can come into the store alone and easily pick from their Wish List. This way you know they will love whatever item you end up choosing for them. No more stressing out over what to choose! 

Come into Abshire and Haylan Jewelers and let your loved one have some fun viewing and trying on the beautiful jewelry we have in store. It’s a great way to get them excited about the upcoming Holiday Season. The gift you will be buying them will be guaranteed to be something you know they will love, wear and cherish forever. 

If you want to come in alone to pick out pieces of jewelry you absolutely love, we can help you browse and try on our unique selection of jewelry. Then, we will fill out your Wish List card together. You can strategically place the card somewhere you know your loved one will find it. You could stick it in the fridge, on a pillow in your bedroom, or in a gym bag – get creative! They can come in to our store at their convenience and we will be able to show them the pieces you choose. It will make the shopping process much easier for your loved one. If they happen to misplace the card, have no fear! We keep a copy in store. No matter what, they will know they will be choosing something that you will love. 

If a custom piece of jewelry is on your Wish List this year, stop in soon! Custom jewelry takes roughly 8 weeks, so it’s not too soon to begin your design.