Why is Fine Jewelry ALWAYS the Perfect Gift?

So many choices…. Clothes, Books, IPad, IPod, IPhone, I guess…..? Practicality aside, and with technology taking center stage, why choose fine jewelry this holiday season? The answer is so easy… eternity. A gift, and memory, that lasts forever. Sentimental and beautiful, simply unmatched by the latest technological device. Whether it is a pair of diamond stud  earrings, a lovely gold[…]

What is the World’s Oldest Metalworking Profession?

In addition to a Blacksmith and Silversmith, my profession… Goldsmith (a.k.a Jeweler), is one of the oldest known metal trades.  For many centuries metal, often combined with gemstones, has been the customary materials for adornment.  But other materials such as plants, animals, and hair have been used as well.  Jewelry is one of the oldest[…]